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Online banking service for companies.

When designing products for companies, I use a user centered aproach. So my goal in this project, which offers online banking service for companies, was simplify the workflow for the end user. This user centered approach happens to be the most successful way to allow users manage their companies in a quick and efficient manner, at any time and from any location.

Augmented Reality.

Burn, the energy drink owned by The Coca-Cola Company, sponsors skateboarding, surfing & parkour events, among other events across the world, looking to convey their brand experience, inspired by energy, style and night. We create an  Augmented reality graffiti game  where everybody can (virtually) tag any wall and take part in a competition where any player can become King and Queen of their area.

Gamification as an e-health service.

A Spanish health insurance was looking for a way to engage potential clients. We realized how important it is to have friends or family support while treating a disease. So we decided to create an engaging mobile application which detect heart attack risk factors, and share those inputs to your relatives and clinicians; making tracks easy to follow.

Improving employee experience.

Axa Spain entrusted us with the task of improving their communication channels with employees. But before any prototype, we began a research process that included interviews with employees, and co-creation workshops to better understand our client needs. Thanks to the research work, we were able to focus our efforts on the true problem of our client: How to position the HR department as a strategic area within the process of digital transformation of the company.

Strategic design for Non profit organizations.

The worldwide NGO Save The Children needed rise their funds through getting new permanent members. After a short research, we came up with a target. And after continuous iterations, we developed a new service that fit to this target needs. Also we improve Save The Children stakeholders map by discovering a new actor and new scenarios for their services.

Designing new services for the e-health ecosystem.

Together with the business, and development team, I was in charge of designing the service and user experience of a product which involve kiosk system and personal computers to track data from devices such as Tensiometer and Glucometer.

E-commerce for Gamers.

The challenge of this project was simplify a popular marketplace with a complex information system.


This app, launched on early 2012, allows house owners and real estate profesionals to know the real value of a house using information of similar properties in the area to safely calculate the market price of a property.

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