Fanny Fernández | Augmented reality
I design digital services for people, using Design Research to better understand people's needs; and Service Design approach to build a solid system.
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Augmented reality

Burn, the energy drink owned by The Coca-Cola Company, sponsors skateboarding, surfing & parkour events, among other events across the world, looking to convey their brand experience, inspired by energy, style and night.
We created an Augmented reality graffiti game where everybody can (virtually) tag any wall and take part in a competition. I was in charge of information architecture, wireframing and content.

Promotional video

The app was publicized among young people aged 18 to 24 and focused on street artists. It was available on Android and Apple store, also graffiters could vote their favourites graffitis on facebook.


From sketch to Augmented Reality

We used gamification to increase engagement, and focused on game dynamics along the design and development process.