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About Fanny

business researcher

I design digital services for people, using Business Research to better understand people’s need & Service Design approach to build a solid ecosistem.

Drop me a line if you are looking for a team player who uses insights based on evidence to guide design decisions.

Fanny Fernández – My Story

My name is Fanny, I live and work in Madrid, I love photography, conversations, design & art.
I mainly worked for the banking & medtech industry, but I also helped startups from several industries to validate their business ideas and create a profitable business model.

Why Work With Me?

My profile while solving problems is «Generator» and «Conceptualizer».
I enjoy finding new business opportunities to work on, and once find a problem/opportunity, I like to frame problems through answering the question «How might we solve it?». I am the right person if you are building a global team ready to design for a diverse audience.