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My work

I mainly worked for the banking & medtech industry, but I also helped startups from several industries to validate their business ideas and create a profitable business model.

e-Health monitoring

POSITIVE project aims making avilable to the elderly population and clinical professionals tools that allow a better monitoring, managemente and treatment of frailty.

Banking services

User centered aproach happens to be the most successful way to allow users manage their companies in a quick and efficient manner, at any time, from any location.

Gamification for e-Health services

A health insurance company was looking for a waty to engage clients. During research, we realized how important it is to have friends of family support while treating a disease.

Employee career development


Digital transformation

Helping Editorial SM to develop a Roadmap to digital transformation. 

e-Health ecosystem

We created an engaging mobile application which detect heart attack risk factors, and share those inputs whit clinicians, making tracks easy to follow. 

Employee experience

How to position the HR department as a strategic area placing employees at the very centre.

Augmented reality

We created an augmented reality graffiti game where everybody can (virtually) tag any wall and take part in a competition.